Feet Floating Around in Puget Sound

Feet wash ashore in Puget Sound a lot. They began showing up back in the mid 2000s (Vox). “Don’t worry,” officials declare, “it’s perfectly normal” (NPR).

The various law enforcement agencies (including the RCMP) might not want to cause a panic, or there may be something more sinister going on. There are doctors saying the volume of feet showing up isn’t alarming. The press only prints the letters and interviews from those doctors.

It isn’t normal at all.

Other metropolitan areas in coastal locales don’t have the same phenomena. Puget Sound didn’t start producing the feet of missing people until 2007. There were plenty of people living in the area prior to that. Someone is killing people and cutting off their feet. Maybe they’re holding them in a basement somewhere ala “Misery.”

Back when the Green River Killer (Wikipedia) was running around harvesting souls no cop could figure it out. There are far too many powerful MFs running around up there for them not to notice what was going on and know exactly who was causing it. When this was pointed out on the other side (from Santa Fe, NM) he was busted within a month. Probably by an owned officer who’s career will be turbocharged; propelling him up the ladder to Chief of Police.

If you go for a medical appointment and see this guy’s grin, leave and get a different doctor. The Mass Subconscious thinks there’s no one chopping off feet, sort of like in Bedzn Poland. That’s bullshit.