Socialist Tactics on Display

The out of body rapists around Santa Fe (who live in WA state) pretending to be the friend of Phil’s son are the same rapists who created and used Chandra Levy. They did this by using Ted Bundy (Case Study 15) to create Levy (Case Study 33). They used her to intimidate members of Congress.

Her death destroyed Rep Gary Condit’s (D-CA)career. Condit opposed NAFTA, the Patriot Act, and war in Iraq. These were things the rapists helped create with the leadership of Phil. NAFTA was part of their socialist plot to take jobs away from Americans and widen the wealth gap. This in turn could encourage people to rise up in a socialist revolution.

Their main strategy (and that of Phil) is to call someone else Phil, and attack (usually rape) him. The women they rape are hostages and people who care about Phil’s son. Phil is Karl Marx, in case you were wondering.

By attacking someone else they pretend to be on the side of Phil’s son, who is teaching people about his Socialist father and the rapists (Valkyries). They make people believe the problems they created are taken care of. This is to goad people into a false sense of security. Yes, they lie that blatantly. No; they don’t have a sense of honor or dignity.

They are, along with Phil, socialist pretending to be Republicans – the gods of the Neo Cons.