Fair Voting Legitimizes Government

Congratulations! The debt limit has been raised so we can still have a government. The economic stimulus bill has passed. America has more job openings than people it seems and wages are high. Things are rocking along.

Now it’s time to get down to business. The Voting Rights Bill, rejected by the Republicans and their buddy Senator Joe Manchin (D-R-S-? / WV) needs to be readdressed. What’s in the voting rights bill (MSN)? Requirements for states to get their voting computers disconnected from the internet for starters. This would protect against vote rigging, you’d think the Repubs would be on board with this one.

The reason we have voter registration cards is to protect people from voter intimidation. It works like this. Instead of showing your ID at the polling places, you show a specially issued registration card. This way no one can track the way you vote. Cool right? This needs to be enforced and the bill addresses this and other forms of voter intimidation.

The bill also provides for independent redistricting so minorities can’t be mathematically removed from the equation by splitting up their vote.

So come on politicians. Let’s get back to work on this one. We sure don’t want a rigged election putting anyone in office who shouldn’t be there. Just think if someone got into office who might do the wrong thing at the wrong time by means of vote rigging.

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