Really Roger? – Remux

Note; This was originally published on March 20, 2020 and used under “related” from my last post. I reread it and decided to post it again.

Roger Stone, who’s sentence was commuted by The Donald recently, used a racial slur while at an interview in Los Angeles (CBS News). He said “I don’t feel like arguing with this Negro.” It is believed he didn’t know the mic was on at the time. That’s not really an excuse for being a bigot.

Roger Stone is the mentor of most of the wonder boys from the Neo Con era that have miraculously reappeared on the political stage; Trump seems keen to re-appoint them himself. Stone’s been instrumental in the initiation of Neo Con guys like Michael Flynn, William Barr and Michael Caputo. A shady bunch sure, but Stone is a polished politician. Why would anyone make a racist remark in a radio station, even if they are truly racist?

His political career is over, that much is certain. He may still operate behind the scenes as a fixer or advisor, but he will never hold office. He may not care too much about the press. He just got his sentence commuted by the president. He has been a power player for decades. He has had a more significant impact on politics than most realize and done it with relative obscurity. This will not affect him in the least. He is untouchable; and that is why he wouldn’t think twice about using a racial slur in a radio station.