Extry Special News Flash

A Kansas woman, Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, was charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization (NPR). Fluke-Ekren allegedly joined ISIS and attempted to recruit a all female group to commit acts of terror in the US. She abandoned the idea and moved to Syria to join ISIS.

In 2021 US forces rescued 16 year old Aminah Mohamad in Syria (Stars and Stripes). She was the daughter of Ariel Bradley, a Hixson-born Tennessee woman who joined ISIS 2005. Bradley was an Evangelical Christian before converting to Islam. Aminah’s parents were both killed in an airstrike.

This is reminiscent of the Shabaab commander Omar Hammami who was from Abiqui, NM. He was killed in a US airstrike in Somalia.

We know the Controllers playing Allah up in Mordor hate New Mexico. They Handled Hammami and got him to join ISIL. I guess they want Kansas and Tennessee to look like ISIS hotbeds too. Imagine that.

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