Manchin Strikes Again!

Saboteur extraordinaire Sen Joe Manchin ( D?, R?, S?, ? – WV) is sticking it to President Biden again for his great masters. He doesn’t want to pass the Billionaire Tax (The Hill). Maybe the socialists pulling his strings are trying to con the wealthy into supporting them some more.

Manchin also didn’t support the For the People Act, designed to do away with the potential use of the internet to rig elections. Three presidential elections in the last 22 years have been won by the electoral vote but not by popular vote; twice for George Bush Jr and once for Donald Trump. The last time it happened was 1888 for Benjamin Harrison. What an amazing two decades.

It’s not like Controllers have to be all that intelligent. They got scientists to invent the A bomb and tested in in Thuringia. They didn’t create it themselves. They don’t have to be code writers to hack elections, they can force someone else to do it for them.

In related news Donald Trump has openly asked Russian President for Life Vlad Putin for dirt on President Biden’s family (CNN).