King and the Davidians

In March of 1991 a man named Rodney King was brutally beaten by members of the LAPD after a car chase. He was unarmed and not fighting back, the police beat him for 8 minutes. The video can be viewed here. It is amazing he lived through it. A man with a video camera filmed the incident and gave it to a local TV station.

A year later, on April 29 1992, the police involved were acquitted by a jury. The 1992 race riots ensued. The riots were heaviest in Los Angeles and Atlanta. King appealed to people on television to stop the rioting

A week prior to the beating the 4th dimension was abuzz with talk of an impending attempt to start a race war. The call was up in Idaho, Texas, New Mexico and other place. The warning originated in Oregon. The event was intended to cause the government to crack down and declare martial law by the Controllers. The acquittal was intended for the same purpose.

In February of 1993 the ATF siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco TX began. This was the place in Texas warning of the attempt to start a race war prior to the beating of King. A firefight started and the FBI was brought in. They used an ATV to punch holes in the building in each corner. Fires started in those corners and were filmed by private surveilance plane using infra red equipment. That film was included in a documentary about the siege that can be seen here.

The similarities between the two events are simple enough. An atrocity created by law enforcement was filmed and released. Could it be the same handlers were working both sets of law enforcement officers and made sure the events were filmed? Yes.

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