Crowd control relies heavily on psychology for success. People involved in rioting are responding emotionally. They are generally a disorganized mob. If they are working together in some way they can still be dispersed.

The agents involved in dispersing crowds will always be vastly outnumbered. Control over people is accomplished is through intimidation. Uniforms, a militaristic demeanor marching in time all serve to impose fear on the crowds. Beating individuals sends a warning. The fact of the situation is, if the entire crowd were to attack, they could easily overcome the crowd control agents. They will not attack because they do not trust each other. They have an inherent fear of uniformed crowd control agents.

Agents will progress into an area of rioting with the intention of dispersing the crowd. The number of people will be too great to incarcerate. Using tear gas and advancing will cause the crowd to leave the area. One path is left open for the crowd to exit so they do not become cornered. Undercover agents and scouts will target the leaders or “instigators” of the protest. They can be identified and put under observation. They can be arrested or used to identify other leaders.

The fascist controllers use the same techniques, mixed with superstition and lies to conceal their identities. They are people. They are not gods, demons, angels, leprechauns, space aliens, ghosts or any other kind of fantastical creature. They are males and almost exclusively white. They die and reincarnate like everyone else. They cannot do anything anyone else cannot learn. They are protected and financed by cults of elites and put into positions of power by the same. Imagine their surprise to discover the fascists have their own socialist agenda.

The controllers use rape and torture to intimidate the masses. They do this in plain view. The idea is not to affect those who ignore it and continue on. It is to affect the observers, the masses. Rather than martyr someone the rape serves to get people to blame the ones fighting back. They rape and torture but it is someone else’s fault. This works because the masses have been programmed to fear the Controllers between lifetimes. If you are boomer your last lifetime was probably ended in a concentration camp or during a mass execution. You are programmed to fear them. The rape show is for the benefit of the masses. It isn’t getting the desired result from those who oppose them.