Pertinent Information – Sorcery

It can be difficult to understand the actions of Controllers, and Handlers for that matter. The reason is they are actually right in front of everyone’s faces. They are often being observed. The following pieces of information may be helpful.

They role play, act as if on a stage. They will adopt personas that are more gimmick than real. For instance one may act as if they are a Republican or a Democrat. They are Socialists who don’t believe in democracy at all. One intention behind this role play is to hide that they are socialists. Another is to get those who follow belief systems to think like the actors want them to.

For example, if the right wing play actors rape women actual right wingers may accept this behavior, legitimize and even romanticize it as a viable means of promoting their cause. A play actor representing a left winger raping a man will be attempting to do the same thing to those he is responsible for influencing.

If a play actor believes Orientals are evil because of the Covid virus, gumby brained people will believe the same thing. The real reason Controllers don’t like Orientals is because most oppose Marxism. The Controller wont think about the latter.

Because of their assigned roles two of them working together may play act as enemies. They will also act like they are friends of their real enemies. In this way they can assign beliefs to an enemy who does not actually hold those beliefs. A Handler may say and act racist, then cling to an enemy. The idea is observers will believe the person they cling to is also racist.

These are guys that brainwash and possess children to shoot up schools. The idea is to promote gun control and harvest specific souls. They drive pick ups with pro NRA bumper stickers. They are white supremacist socialists, with MAGA hats. They are priests who molest children.

Usually there is one who is the prime representative of a belief system. One guy represents the right wing, one the left – one a Christian, one a New Ager. The right wing Controller’s job is to affect, and therefore control, the right wing. If that person makes a mistake another may take the blame for his actions. His value as main influencer is not interrupted.

A leaders of a nation or movement may mimic this behavior, particularly if he is being Handled. In 2019 a missile attack on Saudi Aramco targets in Eastern Saudi Arabia were claimed by Yemeni Houthi rebels. Clearly they could not have conducted the attack at that time. The reason they claimed the attack was to take the heat off of Iran – out of loyalty (Abqaiq-Khurais attack).

Controllers are not always big. They can deplete energy or condense it to make themselves smaller. They can take in energy, particularly from others (vampirism), to get large. This can be done voluntarily or involuntarily. One involuntary form of attack is a vampire assault.

Controllers can use different colors. Traditionally blue camouflages against the sky, black camouflages at night. White is supposed to be holy, so they drain white energy from victims to make themselves appear as holy. They acquire these batteries through murder and soul stealing.

The stolen souls are reincarnated (put) into a Controller’s family, or at least in their kingdom, to allow for control. Generally these souls are abused to prevent them having the will to flee. If they manage to be born somewhere else they may be abused and murdered again. They are kept unable to fight the actions of the meglo-maniacal Controllers by being prevented from re learning their skills.

This is one example.

Howie Epstien (death)

Gabriel Fernandez

On the left is the death chart of Howie Epstein (July 21, 1955 – February 23, 2003), bassist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Howie died in Santa Fe, NM at the age of 47 from a drug overdose.

On the right is the birth chart of Gabriel Fernandez (February 20, 200 – May 24, 2013. Gabriel died at the age of 8 years old. the victim of abuse and torture by his mother and her boyfriend. His mother was sentenced to life imprisonment and her boyfriend to death. Netflix did a series on the trials.