McCarthyism is Still a Bad Word

One way to have an trusted agent transfer to a new country is to have them actually move there. When they die they will naturally reincarnate in the new nation. Such is the case with this agent of the fascist Controllers.

This man is Carl Christian Schurz (March 2, 1829 – May 14, 1906). He was a German born politician and journalist who emigrated to the United States in July of 1852. He became a Brigadier General and fought for the Union Army in the Civil War. After the war he became a US Senator for the state of Missouri. He broke with president Grant and opposed using the US Army to disband the Ku Klux Klan. He also served as US Secretary of the Interior where he continued the practice of relocating Native Americans to substandard lands.

This man is Joseph Raymond McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957). He was an attorney and politician who served in the US Senate for the state of Wisconsin. McCarthy is best known for his anti-communist crusade of the Cold War. He accused members of the US government especially in the State Department, the press, the film industry, the US Army, Voice of America and the Truman Administration of being infiltrated with communist subversives. He also accused people in and outside the government of being homosexuals. The risk of being accused by McCarthy was used as blackmail for political favors.

McCarthyism; a mid-20th century political attitude characterized chiefly by opposition to elements held to be subversive and by the use of tactics involving personal attacks on individuals by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges” -Merriam-Webster Dictionary

During the Malmedy massacre trials of Waffen SS men accused of murdering American prisoners of war in 1944 McCarthy lobbied for the commutation of the death sentence. It is believed McCarthy was one of the movers behind Operation Paperclip that brought 1,600 German Nazi scientists and technicians to the US (Constantine Report). McCarthy frequently used anti-Jewish slurs. He also received enthusiastic support from antisemitic politicians including Ku Klux Klansman Wesley Swift, and according to friends would display his copy of Mein Kampf, stating, “That’s the way to do it.”