Manchin’s a Hero Now?

Since taking office Senator Joe Manchin (D,R,S,?-WV) has been a monkey wrench in the agenda of the Biden administration. Back in July, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called him out for intentionally sabotaging the democrats (CNN).

Now, all of a sudden, Manchin and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have come to a compromise on the “Build Back Better” economic plan (Business Insider).

How nice of Manchin to compromise. Sanders says the bill is not enough; too much of the original bills was sacrificed for it to be effective. He cites the Congressional Budget Office report stating the bill will not have an immediate affect on inflation (Business Insider).

The other bill that Joe Manchin torpedoed, and possibly the most important one, was the HR1 For The People Act that would impose Federal regulation of voting implementation on states. It would require that all voting machines be disconnected from the internet and limit the use of redistricting to divide voter blocs among other things. The bill is due to be taken up again. Manchin refused to break a Republican filibuster and has stated he “does not support the For the People Act.”

Making Manchin out to be a reformed saboteur is a bit rich. It is a far cry from the truth. Patting this guy on the back for blocking Biden’s plans and then going with watered down compromises is a joke. He’s still managed to shoot down the democrats plans. The people are blaming Biden for economic troubles when his economic plan wasn’t even in place.

Thanks Manchin, for nothing.

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