New or Old World Order

The world has been ruled by rapists, child molesters, murderers, war mongers, tyrants and religious imposters for a long time. This is the history of mankind. It is a dark, brutal and frankly evil story of the domination of humanity.

The leaders of these imposters portrayed themselves as god and gods. They created religions and appropriated others. They brainwashed cities of souls to create zombies out of men. They infected them with dysfunction, racism and sexism. They guided (handled) zombie armies. They were sent out to conquer and conquered, converted and enslaved. The leaders acted holy while their servants raped and pillaged.

The dark rapists called themselves blacks, Jews and demons among other things. Pretending not to work for their “holy and wise” vampire masters. Their past is enshrined in historical and religious literature. They suck pure energy to cover their own evil.

This has been discovered. The kings they installed made it easy to command entire nations.

Their new gig is to destroy the faiths they took over and used. They want to abolish religious writings because they contain the stories of their past. They intend to rewrite history again. They seek to destroy democracy, the Jews, the Masons, the West and NATO. They fear capitalism because it created the middle class whose rise signaled the end of monarchies.

To this end they have deceived leaders and governments. They have infiltrated institutions and defiled them in the eyes of the people. They have created false narratives among people and prevented government from recognizing the true problems, let alone move to solve them.

While doing this they have provided false leaders on the left and right. So called “rebels.” They accuse the system infiltrated by their brethren of being corrupt. This is how they took over Germany and how they intend to take over the US. It’s a scam. They don’t care from whence their revolution comes – in the end they will install themselves as dictators and the original “cause” will be lost to history by the pen.

If you see the puppet masters at work you will understand their way. They demonize their enemies and hide their guilt by accusing detractors of their own crimes. They have no shame. They are not rebels of a “new way.” They are the demons of the Old World using the same techniques and strategies they always have. They take hostages, harvest souls, rape, torture, murder and lie for power. They are the same giants men have always worshiped.