Mass Grave in Ukraine

Ukraine has reported finding a new mass grave near the city of Izyum (NPR). The city was recently retaken from the Russian Federation by Ukraine forces. An entire family, including children, was found among the 100’s of executed victims (CBSNews). Some of the body’s show signs of torture according to Ukrainians (CNN).

Ayatollah Khameini‘s Iran has supported Russian President for Life Vlad Putin‘s efforts to take over Ukraine since the beginning of the war (ForeignPolicy). Iran has been supplying drones for the Russian effort.

Why did the leaders of the Third Reich keep fighting, even after the war was lost? What was the point of demanding they fight to the last man, and child, during the Battle of Berlin? Why did Hitler Youth kids offer cyanide capsules to attendees of the final performance of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra before the battle?

They were harvesting souls. It’s really that simple. It didn’t matter to them if the souls were Jewish, Soviet, American, British, French or German. It didn’t matter if they were men, women, elderly or children. Those souls were to be brainwashed. Hitler’s Controllers were not insane, they were methodical. As many souls as they could take with them became baby boomers. The Controllers are using Vlad to prepare their next empire.