School Shooting in the Russian Federation

On Monday, Sept 26th, a man wearing a t-shirt with a Swastika on it, opened fire at a school. 15 casualties have been reported and 24 injuries (CNN).

Russian officials named the shooter as Artem Kazantsev, a local resident born in 1988 who was an alumnus of the school where the shooting took place.”

In May of 2021 a school shooting took place in Kazan. Putin responded to the attack by calling for new gun control measures, which became law in June 2021. That trick works better in the Russian Federation than it does in the US. The Swastika is a nice touch; it gives the impression to the Russians the hated Nazis are behind it, and technically they are.

The important concept is the way the act is viewed by different groups. A Western group might think “Ah, the Nazis have messed with Putin.” A Russian group might think, “This proves Putin’s opponents are fascists.” This is by design.

Might as well get a jump on gun control before they get to their new empire. Wouldn’t want a revolution ousting Vlad Putin.


In related news, a 12 year old boy was gang raped and stoned with bricks in India (CNN). India, home of the religion that teaches about reincarnation and the ability of the demons to put souls where they want, has seen increases in sexual violence. Most of the violence is aimed at lower caste and dalit women and girls (Wikipedia). Wouldn’t want people taking that religion seriously.