Getting that Dirt

In yesterday’s post we talked about Edmund Munger, a zombie used to molest children by the Controllers of Mordor. Molesting children adds a stressful experience of abuse. This implants a memory block to make their past life less accessible to their conscious mind. It also plants a seed of evil (abuse) they may pass on to other victims.

This zombie was created by a Giant Sorcerer Psychologist. They’ve been doing this for centuries. One of them brainwashed Charlie Manson (Case Study 10) while he was in prison in McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary. There are more child molesters serving their Giant Nazi Masters. They arrested Munger after the shit show had gone on the road to Oregon and it was proven the Giant Phil and his buddies were trying to set up his son using one. Munger was had been their enemy and saved Jews last time . He would not have been sacrificed had he been a Nazi, and may have been to protect one. They want their own to do as they will.

This answers the question; why are they pulling their psychic terrorist activities in the SW rather than cleaning up their own house?

There is another type of manipulation inherent to their activities. They don’t let anyone up (out of their body) unless they have dirt on them. This allows them a level of control. That is not to say all the ones out of their bodies have raped children or committed murder. But it does mean their guys have done something they can hold over their head. This strategy ensures loyalty.

It is also the basis for their “religion.” One must confess one’s sins to a priest. The fact Jesus was baptized by John is completely passed over. They even transplant this dogma to the New Age beliefs and psychology. Does anyone honestly think the Giant rapists are reliving their transgressions, asking forgiveness each day and then repeating their attacks?

One strategy they use to get dirt on people is with operatives. These guys and gals try to lead people to transgression and then hand the evidence to their Giant masters. They might be a gay man trying to get sex with a target. This is why gay men are highly sought after souls. Making being gay punishable by death helps facilitate their harvest for use (Case Study 18).

When using an operative to get dirt on politicians in this fashion they prefer to again use a brainwashed former enemy. They know eventually this operative will be discovered and his past life revealed (I’m not the only one doing this stuff). That he was a former enemy ensures they can pass the buck.

On the left is the death chart of William Randolph Hearst. Mr Hearst was a reporter, news mogul, politician and inventor of “Yellow Journalism.” He built the largest news conglomerate in the world at the time; Hearst Communications. Hearst ran articles critical of Hitler, Goerring and Mussolini. He even interviewed Hitler in person in 1934. In 1903,

One of Hearst’s better know employees was Adella Rodgers St Johns ( see Case Study 8). Hearst married Millicent Veronica Willson (1882–1974), a 21-year-old chorus girl, in New York City. Evidence in Louis Pizzitola’s book, Hearst Over Hollywood, indicates that Millicent’s mother Hannah Willson ran a Tammany-connected and protected brothel near the headquarters of political power in New York City at the turn of the 20th century.

WR Hearst’s disdain for the Nazis ended up being detrimental in his next lifetime, he was brainwashed to serve them in efforts to control world leaders.

On the right is the birth chart of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was a financier. He worked for Bear Stearns, the company incremental in the stock market collapse of 2008. In 2003, Epstein bid to acquire New York magazine. In 2004, Epstein and Zuckerman committed up to US$25 million to finance Radar, a celebrity and pop culture magazine founded by Maer Roshan. Epstein and Zuckerman were equal partners in the venture. Roshan, as its editor-in-chief, retained a small ownership stake. It folded after three issues.

Epstein was a convicted sex offender from Manhattan who, according to witnesses, had hidden surveillance cameras in his estates where he hosted VIP’s and young girls. It’s a great way to get dirt on someone important. If one gets caught one’s Controller can blame it on the Jews. In particular if one’s controller is thinking ahead enough to have their operative involve themselves in Israeli politics or business ventures. One’s controller can even try to pass the buck by having an operative purchase property in the target’s territory and pretend to live there himself. All he has to do is get out, go there and then get big.

Epstein had association or friendships with, among others

  • Former President Donald Trump
  • Former President Bill Clinton (after his presidency)
  • Prince Andrew of the UK
  • Former NM Governor Bill Richardson
  • Former Attorney General William Barr
WR Hearst Birth Chart