The Living vs Dead

It was mentioned the dead are controlled by the living between lifetimes in a previous blog. These living people are out of their bodies, maintaining flocks of dead souls. Some are good shepherds, some are not. The people doing this are not vetted by any method other than force.

Any sighting or communication with ghosts, space aliens, demons, angels or gods is nothing more than an experience with a living person traveling out of body. It doesn’t matter If they are 90 ft or 2 ft tall. It doesn’t matter if they appear as blue or black, white or red. If you feel a dense hand on your throat, a pain in your side, a calming in your mind or fire in your groin you know is influenced from without, the one(s) causing it are living people.

Cases of possession, lost time (a symptom of the former), visions or hallucinations, overwhelming emotions and other externally influenced phenomena are caused by living people. They have been progressing with technique for thousands of years and stunting the development of everyone else. The bosses, or Controllers, are white and male. They enforce and program in racism and misogyny. They create religions and control the royalty and wealthy. They are, and are served by rapists and murderers.

They are part of a larger group who have maintained control for thousands of years. Maintaining that control is their primary concern. They erase the knowledge of those who become aware or can compete with them. They have accomplished this by creating wars, holocausts, burning “witches” at the stake and similar tactics.

They have members who know how to put souls into specific families as mentioned in the Vedas. They prefer monarchies because they are easier to take over and control.

They use their knowledge of how to get out of their body to influence politicians, royalty, priesthoods and military leaders. They guide their servants to prominence in organizations with political clout and create certain wars, revolutions and political events. The manipulate politics to provide souls to be programmed; in other words mass murder.

They actively hunt, control, kill, brainwash and destroy souls they feel threatened by or who have opposed them in the past. These are then turned into servants to join the ranks in their efforts at world domination. They make sure their servants are under their thumb by having leverage on them.

They are politicians and liars, manipulators and posers. They are completely amoral and believe themselves to be superior to the rest of humanity. They play god and satan, good cop bad cop to manipulate the rest of mankind. Their histories, techniques and tendencies are held in religions they seek to destroy. They are living people; they die, reincarnate and have to relearn their skills. They protect each other and seek the protection of wealthy cults of industrialists and fascists.

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