Rape in Rome

Roman soldiers commonly raped defeated enemies and their women and children. One of the strategies they used was to knock the teeth out of a captured soldier and rape his mouth. There was also execution by animal rape. This was done publicly to enforce their rule over society.

The Roman Emperor gods were known for their strange sexual proclivities. Julius Caesar was known for having sex with women and men. And Caligula would grab up and rape any woman he chose, including those of nobility.

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It is not surprising the underground cult of Christianity grew like wildfire across the Roman Empire, even under threat of punishment by death. The gods of Rome hijacked the religion eventually, and kept hunting Jews. But that’s another story

The Dirlewanger Brigade was a Nazi SS penal battalion deployed to occupied cities to put down potential uprisings. They raped and murdered thousands of men, women and children. This is their leader.

This man is James Kenneth Stephen (25 February 1859 – 3 February 1892) an English poet, and tutor to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Stephen was very tall and quite good at the Eton Wall Game that is still played at Eton College in Berkshire UK. He suffered a head injury that exacerbated his bipolar disorder.

Stephen was considered a person of interest in the Whitechapel Murders (1888) committed by the unknown assailant Jack the Ripper. It was suggested in a 1993 play; Sympathy for the Devil by Angus Graham-Campbell he may have been the culprit. Forensic psychiatrist David Abrahamsen identified Stephen as having a matching psychological profile with Jack The Ripper. He also claimed Stephen had a sexual relationship with his student Prince Albert Victor and he was an accomplice. These theories have been dismissed by many based on the travel time necessary to get from the scene to the College in time for lectures and other reasons.

Stephen was committed to a mental hospital because of his disorder. When he was informed of Prince Albert’s death from pneumonia he stopped eating and died 20 days later.

This man is Oskar Paul Dirlewanger (26 September 1895 –  7 June 1945) was a Nazi SS war criminal who served as the founder and commander of the penal unit “Dirlewanger” during World War II. Dirlewanger was a very tall man who was in dire need of a sandwich. His reputation is one of extreme sexual sadism and alcoholism. The Dirlewanger SS unit, made up of prisoners and mental patients, raped, murdered and tortured thousands of people.

Dirlewanger served in WWI and after joined the NSDAP. He received his doctorate in political science in the interwar period. It was revoked along with his party membership when he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl. He was returned to regular party membership after his friend Gottlob Berger intervened on his behalf to Heinrich Himmler<<<. The Derlewanger SS Regiment was used to suppress ghetto and resistance uprisings. In one instance it is estimated they killed 30,000 Belarusian citizens. He died in prison at Althausen. It is believed he was beaten to death by other inmates.