Veiled Threats And Feet In Puget Sound

Feet wash ashore in Puget Sound a lot. They began showing up back in the mid 2000s (Vox). “Don’t worry,” officials declare, “it’s perfectly normal” (NPR).

Various Washington law enforcement agencies and the RCMP might not want to cause a panic, or there may be something more sinister going on. There are doctors saying the volume of feet showing up isn’t alarming. The press only prints the letters and interviews from those doctors.

It isn’t normal at all.

Other metropolitan areas in coastal locales don’t have the same phenomena. Puget Sound didn’t start producing the feet of missing people until 2007. There were plenty of people living in the area prior to that. Someone is killing people and cutting off their feet and throwing them into the sea or an estuary.

There is an interesting historical reference that might relate to these feet. The story of the Conquistador Juan de Onate (Wikipedia). He is known for the massacre at Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. His troops destroyed the pueblo and killed about 1000 indigenous people. The surviving males had one foot cut off so they could not revolt against him.

The fascist sorcerers don’t really care about indigenous rights. They do like to send veiled threats with their actions. It’s a trait of sociopaths. This threat would be aimed at Santa Fe NM. So would the following murder victims from the case studies. These souls were hunted down by the fascist controllers of Mordor.

Howie Epstien (death)

Gabriel Fernandez

On the left is the death chart of Howie Epstein, bassist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Howie died in Santa Fe, NM at the age of 47 from to a drug overdose.

On the right is the birth chart of Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel died at the age of 8 years old, the victim of abuse and torture by his mother and her boyfriend. His mother was sentenced to life imprisonment and her boyfriend to death. Netflix did a series on the trials.

This is Kim Stanley (February 11, 1925 – August 20, 2001), an American actress born in Stanley, NM. She was successful in Broadway performances, television and won awards for her film performances. She quit acting and became a teacher. She taught in New York, Los Angeles and Santa Fe NM where she passed away in 2001.

This is Abigail Williams (June 23, 2003 – February 13, 2017). She was one of the two Delphi Murder victims. She and her friend Liberty Germaine had been hiking in a park near Delphi Indiana and didn’t show up for their ride home.

For more information see Case Study 55 and this Wikipedia entry on the Delphi Murders.