First Inductees to Auschwitz

Some girlie souls for the guy sorcerers

The first inductees to Auschwitz were 997 teenage and young women from Slovakia. Rounding up young women is one of the common themes throughout history. Sacrificed to one god or another, stoned to death, martyred in the Coliseum or burned at the stake. The only surprise is it was still going on in 20th Century.

Or is it? The “gods” still harvest the souls of young women en masse. They might be harvesting souls for their new masters, after being programmed, in the next lifetime.

They use them to reward their sorcerer underlings.

The giants and their djinn rape the dead. Maybe their loyalists get 72 each. Their kings live in Mordor today.

The indigenous community has been seeing a rash of disappearances of women from reservations. This has been getting limited press coverage. It is a serious and abnormal problem. Something is going on.

In Mexico there have been mass executions by cartels. The most notorious of which is Los Zetas. Then there’s Guerrero State where approximately 900 women have been murdered or vanished. According to the United Nations; 76,000 people were murdered by cartels in Mexico between 2007 and 2013.

Then of course, there’s always those serial killers. Historically ever present, and in the last few decades; prevalent. It takes one to make one. They make them to cover their own rapists and murderers – offering them up to take the blame for their own.