A Cult Created in Mordor

Another cult built by the Controllers from Mordor.

Charles Manson was the leader of a cult called the “Manson Family.” Manson spent most of his life in boys homes and prisons. He was first convicted of a crime at the age of 14. While incarcerated at the Indiana Boys School he was repeatedly raped and beaten by djinn possessed boys at the encouragement of school officials.

He was gradually guided or Handled all the way to Mordor.

During his incarceration at the Federal Penitentiary at McNeil Island in Puget Sound Washington Charles was programmed from sorcerers above. He became obsessed with the Beattles and the idea of this “race war.” . This is when the idea for his cult was put into his head. He and the other members were guided together by Handlers. As the leader of the Manson Family he advocated for a race war he believed would bring about the end of society as we know it. He referred to this war as Helter Skelter

To bring about the destruction of society he encouraged members of his cult to expedite the race war through wanton violence and the release of an album. The Manson Family’s most infamous crime was committed on August 8th and 9th of 1969. They killed Sharon Tate and four others. Tate was an actress and pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski.

Roman Polanski is a Jew who unlike his parents, was saved from deportation to concentration camps by a Catholic family that presented him as their own. His movie Rosemary’s Baby is about a demon child (or Golem) who cult members try to kidnap from his mother. He has won numerous awards for his films. Today he is best known for the crime of statutory rape for which he is wanted in the United States.

There are many conspiracy theories about the Manson Family. One is they were the victims of a government mind control experiment called MK Ultra involving LSD. Some residents of the Haight-Ashbury scene noted how they didn’t quite fit in to the peace and love movement of the time. They were in San Fransisco during the Summer of Love to sabotage the peace movement. By declaring they had committed the Tate murders in protest of the Vietnam War they painted a black mark across the ongoing protests.

The government wasn’t behind the Manson Family. Saying it was the Zionists or the Masons is an attempt to replace the blame by anti democratic forces. The Controllers involved could buy themselves a place with people of power who might admire such manipulation. They also may be able to inspire an anti government uprising to complete their takeover and cleansing of our society without the participant puppets realizing it. See Case Study 10.

These “leftist” cults were created by a number of people, including a Controller psychologist and several handlers. They get out of their bodies and manipulate people. They are socialists, some posing as right wingers and some as left wingers. What they really are is nihilists bent on world domination; reincarnated controllers of Nazis.

The subjects in these cults, the controlled programmed people, are leftists. They have leftist ideals. What they didn’t get is their activities were intended, by their Controller(s), to blemish them (the subjects) and those stated beliefs. The subjects will have a tough time being influential in their next life – who’s going to listen to Charles Manson in his next lifetime? Right wingers point to the Manson Family and accuse the leftist environmentalists of anti semitism, murder and Satan worship.

By creating this cult the Controllers were able to sell themselves off to establishment psychics as clever manipulators who could be trusted by the right for “fooling” the leftists. It helps the Nazi Controllers gain influence. The activities also cover their true intent; to take over the country.

The Manson Family members probably did not know who was pulling their strings. But Charles figured it out, and really used his head to tell the world.

I give you Charles Manson

Eduard Bernstein
Charles Manson

On the left is the birth chart of Eduard Bernstein. Bernstein was a German social-democratic politician who believed the realization of socialism could be achieved through peaceful means. He was critical of pure Marxist ideology; he was sympathetic toward Jews and homosexuals.

On the right is the birth chart of a reprogrammed soul; Charles Manson. Manson was the leader of the “Manson Family,” a group that believed a race war would bring about an end to our evil society. He gained these ideas as well as an infatuation with the Beatles at McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary in Washington State. He believed in creating chaos to stimulate a beginning to this war.

E Bernstein Death Chart