To Harvest or Not To Harvest

The last two posts ( Pizza Gate and Q and More Pizza Please) focused on the hijacking of the Q Anon site by Controllers of Mordor and two zombie child molesters also from there. One important take away is these two are only representative of the full compliment. They were sacrificed because of their past but there are plenty more molesters. They affect the souls of children to make them easier to dominate and harder for them to get through the trauma. Molesters like this can also be used politically, to join organizations like churches and make them seem evil.

One was used to harvest a high profile target and got compromised. The other was busted after a lifetime of molesting in a place where there are so many giants he couldn’t have gone unnoticed. He was sacrificed to cover the crimes of another. His past life was the deciding factor.

If we consider the target of the former (click high profile above) there is a contradiction. This target had been a loyal fascist and a giant. Other loyalists who had been arrested were guaranteed life imprisonment. From there they can still get out of their bodies and do things they used to. The brainwashed opponents of fascists (like Dodd) were executed. Woryscht was killed as a boy and a zombie was lost because of it.

The Controllers want the handlers and other giants to feel they are not at risk. They want them to believe the Controllers will not try to harvest (kill) and brainwash them between lifetimes. This would however, allow the Controllers to maintain their dominance.

This is an example of one that successfully harvested souls in a place with many giants. He was arrested because it was pointed out this was the case.

The former is Karl Willigut, Nazi occultist and member of Heinrich HImmler’s staff. He was conscripted at the age of 17 into the army of Milah I, King of Serbia and eventually received a commission. He served with distinction in WWI and attained the rank of colonel, retiring in 1918. He claimed to be the heir to secret knowledge he called Irminism. It was a form of Ariosophy, occult beliefs stemming from researching Aryans. He had been involuntarily committed to an asylum by his wife but was later released. His work for Himmler was in the development of Germany as the new religious center of the world they were trying to dominate. He created rites and a mythos claiming it to be the “true German religion.” He was released from his appointment when Himmler found he had been involuntarily committed. His writings came back into interest in the 1990s by Neo Nazi, Neo paganism and National Socialist black metal.

The latter is mass murderer and soul harvester Gary Ridgeway, known as the “Green River Killer” after the river in Washington where he dumped the bodies of his victims. He murdered up to 71 women in the 80s and 90s. Like many mass murders, Ridgeway preyed on sex workers or “sinners” in line with religious traditions. He had been programmed, aware of it or not, to collect souls. Those women would also be brainwashed. Groomed by out of body sorcerers from a young age they can be used in their next lifetime for the political ambitions (Case Study 33) of a Controller or as part of a psychic harem. The one(s) controlling them are rich, white and live long lives. They can have one of their victims through 2 or even 3 lifetimes considering the victims lives are short.

Ridgeway is serving a life sentence. He will be able to get out of body and run around doing as he chooses. This is the same sentence given to James Earl Ray (Case Study 16), Dr Martin Luther King’s assassin. It is not the same sentence given to Dustin Higgs (Case Study 39). Higgs was executed for murders he didn’t commit. There is no possible way with all the big ones running around out of body in Washington State Ridgeway could have committed the murders unnoticed.