Light as a Feather

The hand you feel is just a guy out of his body who knows more than you. You feel the energy push down making you want to vacate your bowel and bladder, it’s just another guy. They do this to children. A headache, arousal, pain in the side.

Learning to make one’s soul hard and dark is the trick. They use that to project force and dominate. They don’t want anyone else to know it’s just energy work. They strip the hard energy off people to get them weak and drain their energy. If you fight back they call in there boiz to help them.

Why then, do religions teach people they should be light and airy? The Egyptians were taught by their “gods” their heart would be weighed against a feather to see if they were guilty (wikipedia). If they knew the sins of those doing the weighing they wouldn’t laugh. It’s dogma – a religious lie designed to keep you down.

Some handlers cover up the handled persons head with theirs and holds the next three chakras with their hands. The energy the person is taking in through their lower three chakras and the handler is vampiring it up.

They are also infecting the person with their own thoughts, or made up ones, to get them to act in a specific way. The idea is that an observer will hear the handler‘s thoughts and words; but attribute them to the handled. According to Hinduism demons only have the three lower chakras.