Israel In Turmoil

Tens of thousands of Israelis have hit the streets to protest the potential Judicial Reforms to be decided upon this week. Prime Minister Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) and his far right allies are attempting to de-ball the judiciary. Those opposed view it as a legitimate threat to Israeli democracy (al-Jazeera).

Netanyahu’s allied himself with far right Knesset members. Lawyer Simcha Rothman heads the Constitution Law and Justice Committee. Another lawyer, Bezalel Smotrich serves as Minister of Finance. Both are members of the Religious Zionist Party; a right wing party and advocate forced emigration of Arabs from Israel.

What do these men have planned? Difficult to say, but they definitely don’t want the country’s judiciary to declare it illegal. Netanyahu just had heart surgery but looks like he’s back in business for this week.

In the meantime, 11,000 reservists announced they will no longer serve if the “Judicial Reforms” are passed (Jerusalem Post). Sounds like these right wingers need to rethink their strategy. Let’s hope the protesters can bring them to their senses.

Destroying a nation from the inside can include pushing politics to the extreme. This creates unrest, divisiveness and ultimately weakness. This can also lead to dangerous and extreme political ( to include military ) moves.

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