More Missing Women

Above: Mexican women protest, March 9, 2020 (on average 10 women go missing in Mexico every day)

People in Mexico, particularly women, have been disappearing en masse for over a decade. Women and girls are being kidnapped, savaged, murdered and their bodies burned. This reality has been largely excluded in the US news. Instead the focus has been on turning back people from the southern border.

According to the United Nations, more than 95,000 people in Mexico were officially registered as disappeared as of November 26, 2021, while the National Register of Disappeared Persons says 8,000 new cases were reported annually over the past five years.” Aljazeera

Harvesting women and girls souls has the effect of limiting the breeding of the race in question and, gives those souls to the population that is breeding the most at the time. This is explored in yesterday’s post about indigenous women.

The number of women disappearing has inspired groups and individuals to act and protest (The Guardian). The killings, however, continue. “Mexico’s epidemic of missing and murdered women” (The Globe and Mail). Their souls are being taken away for programming and future use.

Of course, cartel violence and activities is largely responsible. The United States has attempted to assist Mexico in the pursuit and arrest of cartel leaders with limited success. Genaro Garcia Luna<< was arrested after moving to Florida. Luna was Mexican Secretary of Public Security and took bribes from cartels for assistance with information and money laundering . He was tried and convicted in US Federal Court (CNN).

In November of 2020 the US arrested Mexican General Salvador Cienfuegos <<at the Los Angeles International Airport. He was the Mexican Secretary of National Defense and, the DEA had determined, “El Padrino” leader of the H2 Cartel. Then Attorney General William Barr<< returned him to Mexican custody, who promptly set him free. A grand charade to play it off.

Who’s commanding these people? The giants of Mordor of course.