It’s Case Study 62!!

Margaret Sullavan
M Sullavan Death Chart

This is American actress Margaret Sullavan (May 16, 1909 – January 1, 1960). She starred on stage and in film from 1929 to 1956, including the 1940 movie Mortal Storm about common Germans living under Hitler’s rule. She also starred inn So Ends Our Night, playing a Jewish exile fleeing the Nazis.

Sullavan suffered a mental crisis in 1955. She also had congenital hearing loss that worsened with age. She was found barely conscious with a bottle of prescription pills. She was rushed to a hospital but died shortly after. She was given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame posthumously.

Karen Vergata
K Vergata Birth Chart

This is Karen Vergata (4 November 1961 – about 14 February 1996). She is the murder victim formerly known as “Fire Island Jane Doe.” She was identified by authorities in August of 2022 but only publicly announced in conjunction with the ongoing Gilgo Beach murders investigation.

It has been reported her last phone call was to her father on the day she disappeared; Valentine’s Day 1996. No missing person report was filed at the time(Independent UK). She had been working as an escort and been dealing with a drug problem.

This all comes on the backdrop of the current investigation of Rex Heuermann who has been charged with some of the murders that occurred around Gilgo Beach. As of this writing Heuermann has not been named a suspect in the murder of Karen Vergata.

An interesting side note to the GIlgo Beach Murders is a Long Island company called Jimmytoast is producing jewelry commemorating the victims that includes the details of their murders (American Reveille).

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