Both Sides Against the Middle

Some leaders of Hamas have made themselves very wealthy while their people suffer (Globe). The money has flowed to these men through donations, aid, and even Israel itself (Forbes). There are at least 4 Hamas billionaires and up to 600 millionaires (jewishbusiness).

Khaled Marshaal is estimated to be worth between 2 and 3 billion dollars. Accusations are that he embezzled money from the Syrian Hamas fund and shared it with Abu Marzook, another Hamas leader. He denies this accusation.

Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, accused as a partner in crime of Marshaal, is reportedly also worth 2 to 3 billion dollars. Marzook is the number 2 man in the Hamas hierarchy. He has been indicted by a US Federal grand jury for investing $250K in a Texas company (InfoCom) and conspiring to hide that investment with some of it’s employees.

Ismail Haniyeh is the Chairman of the Hamas political wing. He is reportedly worth several million dollars earned by charging a tax on goods smuggled into Gaza through tunnels from Egypt (wikipedia).

Keeping Palestinians in the Gaza hungry definitely plays into Hamas’ hands. Notice how Hamas police seem well fed.

Referrence: “Thousands take to streets in Gaza in rare public display of discontent with Hamas” abcnews

In the meantime tens of thousands of Israelis have hit the streets to protest the potential Judicial Reforms for 36 weeks. Prime Minister Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) and his far right allies are attempting to de-ball the judiciary. Those opposed view it as a legitimate threat to Israeli democracy (Haaretz).

Netanyahu’s allied himself with far right Knesset members. Lawyer Simcha Rothman heads the Constitution Law and Justice Committee. Another lawyer, Bezalel Smotrich serves as Minister of Finance. Itamar Ben Gvir is the Minister of National Security. All are members of the Religious Zionist Party; a right wing party and advocate forced emigration of Arabs from Israel.

What do these men have planned? Difficult to say, but they definitely don’t want the country’s judiciary to declare it illegal. For that matter, what do the wealthy leaders of Hamas have planned? Are they all being led by the same powers?