Destruction in Gaza

Amid claims of carpet bombing and an attempt at genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza come new photos of the devastation. Most of the photos until now have been close ups of destroyed buildings.

These buildings are on the edge of Gaza City. The rooftops of these buildings were used by Hamas terrorists to launch rockets at Israel. Presumably they had rockets stored in them, with the residents. The Israelis warned the inhabitants to leave and then blew the buildings up. Is that reasonable? Notice the skyline in the background. This is from Oct 15th or 16th.

This view is from the southern part of Gaza City taken on Oct 14th. There is a rocket strike in the background. The vehicles are Gazans heading south with no fuel in the territory for generators. .

This is a starving Gazan heading south to safety.

This Newsweek article shows before and after pictures of bombing in Gaza. You can slide the line in the image and see the damage. In the first image there are three city blocks and 4 other buildings destroyed. There is a large amount of ash and debris on neighboring buildings. The second image shows the al-Gharbi Mosque. According to the IDF, Hamas militants were hiding in the building (Western Journal).

It is sad that innocent Palestinians have been killed and injured, but this is not carpet bombing or genocide. It is imperative Israeli forces show restraint in their operation to root out Hamas from their hiding places among civilians.