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Roy Orbison Death

Roy Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) was an American Country and Rock a Billy singer songwriter. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll, Songwriters, Nashville Songwriters and Musicians Halls of Fame. His career spanned 4 decades and is placed #37 in Rolling Stones list of all time greatest artists.

He wrote songs for other artists and some of them covered his songs, including VanHalen, Linda Rondstadt, Glen Campbell and Bruce Springsteen. He was associated with Tom Petty and his bassist Howie Epstein Case Study 9.

His first wife Claudette died in a motorcycle accident and two of his sons died in a house fire. He remarried in 1969 to Barbara Orbison who became his manager. Orbison was known among friends for having stage fright and being shy. He wore dark glasses to help him deal with this and bright stage lights (smoothradio).

Orbison died of a heart attack after years of heart and weight problems at the age of 52.

Cody Legebokoff Birth

This is Cody Legebokoff (born 21 January 1990), a Canadian serial killer who was convicted of murdering 4 women in British Columbia. Cody prided himself on being a “country boy” and exhibited soft and quiet mannerisms. The fascist sorcerer gods don’t like music, so they destroyed him by using him.

One of his victims, 23-year-old Natasha Lynn Montgomery, has been included in the list of missing women and girls suspected as victims in the Highway of Tears murders. The Highway of Tears murders is part of an epidemic of disappearances and murders of indigenous women (MMIW) in the US and Canada. See Another Nazi Project and Case Study 63.

His youngest victim was 15 year old Loren Dawn Leslie who was legally blind.

Legebokoff was sentenced to 4 life terms for his crimes.