Nazi Grooming

On Sunday (Oct 20) neo-Nazis from a group called Blood Tribe marched in Madison Wisconsin to the State Capitol (Milwaukee Journal). The leader of the group is Christopher Pohlhaus, an online, white supremacist influencer. Previously he was pressured out of Maine where he tried to start a “training camp” on property he owned.

Group members chanted ‘Israel is not our friend,’ threatened ‘there will be blood‘ and shouted racial slurs at bystanders while marching

There are many online influencers peddling racist and extremists views. If you compare their rhetoric to Nazi propaganda and thought you’ll see a perfect match. They talk about “will to power” or might makes right and the inferiority of non white races. They also sell conspiracy theories about Jews ruling the World Bank, the UN and other institutions.

Their target audience is adolescent white boys. They groom kids to grow up with fascist ideas and recruit them into their various Nazi cults when they reach adulthood. They recruit racist militias over the course of a few years.

There is even a slang term for these Wehrmacht worshiping kids “wehraboo.”

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