Brainwashing and Mind Control

The idea of mind control bothers people because they don’t want to believe their will can be subjugated by others. Generally Brainwashing implants suggestions and/or alters the subject’s world view. Mind Control is the direct takeover of the subject’s thought process and sometimes physical actions. These can occur while fully cognizant or in an altered state of conscious. While fully cognizant subjects are not necessarily aware it’s happening. Altered states can be induced by hypnosis, drugs or overwhelming power. The state of REM sleep is an altered state as is the state one experiences between lifetimes. One is more vulnerable to mind control when under the influence of drugs or when mentally exhausted as in the case of Sleep Deprivation.

Brainwashing can happen with an uncouth therapist. Hypnotherapy used to help people achieve personal goals like quitting smoking and becoming more positive leaves the subject open to suggestion. Brainwashing often uses sexual humiliation and torture. These techniques were used by the Communist Chinese in Tibet and are used on Uyghurs in re education camps today . The intent is to remove any resistance to the ruling party and implant the idea that resistance is futile.

The programming of Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) was accomplished with isolation, humiliation and sleep deprivation. The result was similar to Stockholm Syndrome were the captive begins to associate with the captors.

Children are susceptible to brainwashing and mind control. This is probably due to the necessity to learn enough from adults to operate successfully in human society. In a way we do program our children by teaching them, especially our cultural morays and norms. It is also true that most superstition is implanted at an early age.

James Earl Ray and Charlie Manson were both raped as boys. In ancient Greece, Kings often raped their sons and daughters, as did Roman Kings and Generals. Today the scandals in the Catholic Church, hidden for centuries, are coming to light in our modern era. These guys have been at it for a long time.

The use of these techniques is greatly enhanced with the ability to travel out of body. This is referred to as Astral Projection. It readily allows for brainwashing and mind control without the subject’s knowledge. It allows for the control of those who are dreaming, other travelers, and those between lifetimes.

One danger in out of body travel is the erasure of memory. With a violent, painful or horrible experience one can forget everything one experienced in that session. During these sessions the traveler is also vulnerable to suggestion, particularly by the thoughts of those more powerful. These thoughts do not have to be true. The ability to believe untruths is a skill valued by the Elite. It is called being “beautiful.” Out of body travel is exactly the same experience as being between lifetimes albeit for a shorter period of time.

It should be apparent brainwashing those between lifetimes is relatively easy and is the basis for much of the political and religious efforts of the Controllers.

The use of Dream Weaver tactics to program or influence those asleep is more easily accomplished from out of body. It is possible to completely control the dream environment of the subject and the actions of others in the dream. It is also possible to control the actions of the dreamers. Associates of the weaver are used for this purpose. They can use mental influence on a dreamer, each associate controlling a different person. They can imitate people the subject knows in appearance (often with the help of another weaver). Associates can also be used to possess dreamers. In this manner they can easily appear and sound like the subjects of a dream by controlling their actions and speech. All this can be done to influence, in the manner of a show, observers; those who are aware, other travelers and those between lifetimes.

By riding on the backs of those they wish to influence they can attempt to force their own thoughts on the subject. This has two purposes. If the subject is unaware they may believe and possibly act on those imposed thoughts. In particular if those thoughts are repeated along with bodily influence. Body influence is the imposition of pain, pleasure or the like on the subject’s physical body. The other purpose is to make observers believe they are hearing the subject talk and think. In this way they can paint the subject in a unfavorable light.