Understanding Fear
Preprogrammed Interpretations
Can You Handle This??
Pogroms Against the Kurds
Don’t Believe Everything They Think
Methodology; Brainwashing Between Lifetimes
Dialogue; Professors Tzu and Tzu
First Inductees to Auschwitz
Infanticide in Religion
Iran and Friends
2 Birds With 1 Stone
Oligarchy, Psychology and Socialism
Understanding Case Studies
On Atheism
What Socialism Really Means
Assimilation and Indoctrination the Old Fashioned Way
Creating The Dead
ALT Propaganda
More of What is Hidden
Can You Handle This ???
The Re Awakening
A Common Thread
Demise of the Knights Templar
Avalanche Control Theory
Brainwashing and Mind Control
The Interesting Case of Charles
Socialism and the NWO
Charts, Reincarnation and BS
A Spy and a Murderess
How to Handle People
Epstein’s Grandaughter
More ALT Propaganda
Historians and the Allegory of the Cave
Brainwashing the Dead
What Is Hidden
Interesting Case; Amanda Knox
The Art of Acting
The Psychology of Soul Harvesting
Surfing Theory
Sexual Revolution Counter Attack
Social Programs vs Socialism
The Mind of Nero
How to Move an Empire
Fromm and the Valkyries
Psychology and Religion
The Nazi Doctor’s Trial