Socialism and the NWO

Every nation can be defined by three metrics. These are a form of government, a form of religion (or philosophy) and a form of economics. During the Cold-War era (post World War II) the dominant form of economics were Communism and Capitalism. Had the NAZI’s been successful the dominant forms, and therefore an alternative Cold-War, would have been between Communism and Socialism; brainchildren of Karl Marx.

The birth of the United States signaled the great change from dictatorships in the world. Previously Western European nations, or empires, were Monarchies allied with the Catholic Church or the Church of England. They had feudalistic economic systems that were evolving into capitalism. The US created a Democracy (later a democratic Republic) with freedom of religion and a capitalist economy. This was the model of society considered dangerous by European monarchs. The War of 1812 and sabotage of the French Revolution by Napolean Bonaparte are testimony to their fear.

The Industrial Revolution spawned Socialism, Communism, Anarchism and Unionism. The Monarchs of Europe chose Socialism and the result was the rise of the Third Reich. Socialism and Communism “solve” the religious issue by banning it and replacing it with false psychology and worship of the state. The dictatorship is hidden by creating a one-party system in lieu of a more obvious oligarchy. Control of the economy is left in the hands of these disguised feudal lords. After World War II the West decided socialism wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The Globalist Agenda posits, based on the Cold-War era political spectrum; the way to create a one world government is to bring the two adversarial forms of economics, Communism and Capitalism, together. Once a one world economy was in place, they believed, the world could move toward a one world government. It was deemed easier to get Communists and Capitalists to migrate toward Socialism (the “center”) than for one of them to adopt the opposing economic system. The idea was sold to idealists as the harbinger of world peace and to others as a way to institute a global hierarchy they would be in charge of. What they didn’t understand is they wouldn’t really be the ones ruling. The Controllers would be ruling with disguised impunity, letting the politicians, much like the royalty before them, believe they were ruling.

This effort didn’t work because of the opposition to Marxism by the citizenry of the United States. The idea of “Free Trade” was born. The implementation of a One World global economy based on Capitalism. Problem is the major communist nations, China and the Soviet Union, didn’t really become capitalist in nature. China is still ruled by the Communist party. Free Trade has done nothing more than advance their technological capacity to compete economically and militarily with the West. Note the technological edge was created by Capitalism. The Soviet Union became the Russian Federation but is Socialist in nature, having nationalized their oil and mining industries. Speaking of oil, on the global economic field, it’s supply and therefore price is set by the OPEC cartel. A cartel that could not exist in a true global capitalist economy. The idea that today’s global economics are based on true capitalism is false.

The push to bring the world, mainly the United States, toward a Socialist government manifested itself in the form of the Neo-Con movement. WHAT?!? How could that be? The answer lies in psychological manipulation. Keep in mind the Founding Father of the Neo-Cons was Irving Kristol. He wrote extensively on a lassaiz-faire economic policies and pronounced his love of capitalism. As a university student Irving Kristol was a socialist.

To get the mass populace to fall inline one creates a extreme situation in hopes of a backlash that produces the desired result. The extreme situation economically was called Trickle Down Economics. Another lie (even comes with a joke name) fed to Americans. The idea is that tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations would create a better quality of life and more employment. This was because corporations would want to improve the lives of their workers. We know this to be false by analyzing the economics of the last 5 decades. It provided extreme wealth for some and extreme poverty for many. It sets the stage for class warfare as intended. Add to this prolonged unsuccessful wars, a manufactured stock market crash and homeless economic refugees barely acknowledged by the state, and you have a society ripe for the exploitation of demagogues. If a demagogue is provided it will be by the same forces that brought us these events.

An unregulated capitalist system will fall. Benjamin Franklin knew this as did Irving Kristol. The desired backlash of Violent Socialist Revolution hasn’t materialized. But hints of the backlash have. The economic disparity in the US has driven many of it’s citizens to seriously consider socialism as a viable alternative. People fed up with the current standard of living are easy prey to socialist, populist lies. Selling idealists on false hopes of a better quality of life in exchange for their freedom and collective self determination is the modus operandi of 20th century fascists. Bernie Sanders and his followers are the result of this intentional manipulation. A natural and expected manifestation in a deteriorating, sabotaged, economic system.

The thing Sanders doesn’t offer the manipulators is the “violent” part of the desired socialist uprising. The manipulators want to create another mass brainwashing event, like the Holocaust, the US Civil War before and the Napoleanic Wars before that. A mass brainwashing event is sold to societal elites as a cleansing of undesirables from society. Some of those societal elites would end up being “cleansed” as well but that’s not part of the sales pitch. Smart people with influence, particularly those who are effective at bringing change, threaten their new order. (For singular brainwashing examples see Case Studies).