Social Programs vs Socialism

There has been over the past six decades a concerted effort to push our nation to a socialist form of economics. Misinformation and political manipulation has been used on both sides of our political fence toward that purpose. The drive toward socialism is driven by the Controllers, embraced by the Globalist Movement, and sold to the populace on both sides of the political fence.

People’s understanding of the term socialism is an example of political manipulation in our society. Social programs are safety nets for our citizens. Socialism is a type of economics expanded into a blueprint for social control by Karl Marx. Social programs do not require Socialism to be instituted or effective. Further, linking socialism to social programs will make them more difficult to implement because resistance to socialism is strong in our society.

Socialism is defined as a form of economics where the major means of production are under the control of the people. What that really means is large companies fall under the control of the government, being representatives of the people. I think we can all agree that governments do not always act with the benefit of their citizens in mind. In Mexico there is one bank; BancoMex. There’s an Orwellian idea; having one bank controlled by the government. The government could erase your account in an instant if, for instance you were a whistle blower or someone critical of their policies. They could also decide who does and doesn’t get a loan based on race or political views. Socialism is a recipe for dictatorship sold on the promise of a better quality of life. What they fail to tell you is the quality of life is being intentionally eroded in a bid to sell socialism. The same is true of environmental policies, the undermining of equal rights and loud mouth politician actors sabotaging the party they supposedly represent. They also do not talk about the consolidation of control that will follow.

The left has been selling socialism to the youth in educational institutions using the overly idealistic deception that socialism is to the benefit of all. This is done by getting them to associate social programs with socialism. They disregard or downplay the mass murders, re education camps and policies of contemporary Marxist nations. They ignore the fact the same people running the oil companies today will be running them tomorrow if they are nationalized. They do not explain how the EPA, run by the government, will magically become more effective because the government has changed titles.

The right has been sold the idea of de regulation resulting in a growing disparity of wealth, the economic crash of 2008 and a rash of homelessness. This in turn has created a philosophical backlash against capitalism. The Controllers who sold the idea of de regulation through the Neo Cons counted on this result. No one likes it when someone points out they’ve been had but…..

Hiding the number of homeless behind false employment statistics is not healthy. The number of job losses reported in the news is determined by unemployment claims. What about those whose benefits expired before they found work? What about those who gave up and no longer try? What about those who didn’t win their unemployment hearing? Politically motivated lies are at best semi opaque and fuel resentment and the drive toward a socialist world. Socialism is extremely vulnerable to the rise of tyranny.

The term socialism has been further used to confuse the populace. Social programs, such as Social Security, Welfare and Universal Healthcare are not Socialism. Socialism is the control of the major means of production by the government. Social programs are adopted by our society as a safety net for those less fortunate than ourselves. We put money into these programs to help our fellow citizens. This is healthy for society, democracy and capitalism. Attacks on social programs by the right are not to the benefit of freedom. Socialism means the centralization of economic power. Selling it as social programs for the less fortunate is dangerous and contrary to our continued freedom. Both the left and the right need to understand; Social programs are not Socialism.

What few see is the socialist conspiracy in our nation does not come from the left, nor does it come from the right; it comes through both.