Creating and Brainwashing the Dead

Children’s first loves are their parents. Boys love their mothers and girls love their fathers. The result of this can be lifelong repetitive behavior. According to psychologists people will tend to seek out relationships with people that remind them of their parents. According to psychologist John Gottman, this may be the result of imprinting during the first months of life.

Depending on the relationship with and the characteristics of the parents that can work out well or very badly (Psychology Today). People find themselves dating people that are similar in nature even if that nature isn’t healthy. People may also sabotage their relationships by repeating the same patterns themselves. There is also the possibility they assume the person they are seeing will be a certain way, even if they have finally found someone who isn’t like the others.

People have a tendency to repeat other patterns. These may be related to their friendships, careers or the way they handle failure. Some might sabotage their own success repeatedly. Others may become domineering, arrogant or corrupt with accomplishments.

Becoming aware of these patterns of behavior is the first step toward changing them. Spiritual teachers worth their weight may attempt to lead students to this realization. Then they can try to change their life patterns. Some never do figure this out. Over a lifetime a person is simply repeating their behavioral patterns. If they become aware of it they might still catch themselves “doing it again.”

The root of these phenomena is in the subconscious. The imprinting a child receives lasts until they die and they aren’t aware of it. Such is the latent power of the mind.

To brainwash a soul the subconscious is exploited. By controlling a targets parents and people around them early in life, selective imprinting and biases may be planted in the hidden corners of a mind. These will affect the individual for the rest of their life.

This is also done by the fascist giants to people out of their bodies and to the dead. The latter are also out of their bodies. We witness this nightly if we watch the great “Phil” show. If one watches carefully they will see that Phil (calls himself Rommel but wasn’t) is made out to be the “good guy” while his cohorts play the part of “bad guys.” They pretend to be on the side of his son or protecting his son. There are even imposter sons who talk act and think in such a way to make him seem like someone he isn’t. It’s all an act. The act influences not only the living but the dead observers. The whole thing is an act that also serves to distract people from the giants’ political activities.

While masses of the dead observe this show they will learn to fear the “demon lords” because they rape and torture people mercilessly. They will learn that obeying Phil the Father is the right and only way to avoid being attacked – even that he is their God. These dead will not remember anything they have observed when they reincarnate, but it will still be in their subconscious. That is why, even when proven wrong, Phil and the MFs of Mordor keep coming back. They are playing a numbers game with the living and the dead won’t remember anyway. They are more concerned with being worshiped by those that will be born.

Those that believe Phil and Company’s lies and can’t let go do so from implanted fear. Those who think the the whole thing is trivial are too afraid to believe the obvious. Most who see through these falsehoods are too afraid to do much about it.

The dead will be the ones who are around when the giants themselves reincarnate. Because of fear people will believe the giants to be holy, or unholy, saviors. Humanity will imagine them to be angels, wise space aliens, demons or whatever they want to believe. The giants will grow up in a completely exploitable society of people they brainwashed and will be treated as gods.

In past lives people have helped them take over churches and countries. The reincarnated dead from World War I helped giants manifest the Third Reich and never realized it. What they really are is a pack of psychopath rapists, murderers and war mongers.

Things brings us to the main point. To program the dead giant fascist Controllers seek to create more dead. They don’t care about the environment or your well being. They intend to kill as many people as they can be it through wars, disease or manufactured revolution. They are only human. They fear, and therefore want to reprogram, the aware.

Genesis 12:5 And Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother’s son, and all their possessions that they had acquired, and the souls they had acquired in Haran, and they went to go to the land of Canaan, and they came to the land of Canaan.

To accomplish their manipulations certain Controllers have go to guys. They are guided through their lifetimes to help achieve political goals. Controllers like to claim ownership of their guys, through different lifetimes. Same agent, same controller.

This is Vojislav Tankosic of The Black Hand

This is the birth chart of Vojislav Tankosić ( 20 September 1880 – 2 November 1915). Tankosic was a Serbian military officer. He was described as rude and pompous. He worked in intelligence; spying in the Ottoman Empire (Macedonia). He took part in the 1903 May Coup, executing Queen Draga’s brothers.

He helped form the Serbian terrorist organization The Black Hand, recruiting and training young members. He was one of the instigators of the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg. This is the event that sparked World War I.

Tankosic died, ironically, of complications from a wound suffered in a battle during the Great War.

This is the birth chart of McGeorge Bundy. (March 30, 1919 – September 16, 1996). Bundy was a Yale and Harvard graduate. He served as a naval intelligence officer in WWII.

He became the National Security Advisor to President John F Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson. Bundy is best known as the chief architect of the escalation of US involvement in Vietnam.

He had the reputation of being rude and pushy. Johnson demanded he change his habit of dropping by the oval office whenever he pleased.

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