Case Study 44

David Herold

This is the birth chart of David Herold (June 16, 1842 – July 7, 1865). Herold was a co conspirator of assassin John Wilkes Booth and assisted him after he shot President Lincoln. He was a pharmacy assistant. He and a group of conspirators planned to kill Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William H Seward. Herold may or may not have orchestrated it but he definitely coordinated the events.

Herold guided Lewis Powell to Seward’s house on April 14, 1865. Powell entered and raised such a commotion Herold left him to fend for himself. Powell failed to kill Seward. Meanwhile George Atzerodt decided not to attempt to kill Johnson.

Herold then rode to the outskirts of Washington DC where he met Booth after he had shot Abraham Lincoln. Herold took him to a doctor, Samuel Mudd, who set Booth’s leg. The two stayed together as they attempted to escape. They were cornered by Union soldiers on April 26 in a barn. Herold surrendered but Booth did not. Booth was shot by a sergeant and died a few hours later.

Herold was sentenced to death and hung. His neck did not break and his strangulation lasted five minutes.

Alexander Parvis

This is the birth chart of Alexander Parvis (September 8, 1867 – December 12, 1924). See my previous post about his exploits. Parvis was a Jewish socialist politician and writer, a war profiteer and all around sneaky guy. He created a fake run on Russian banks during the 1905 Revolution. He made millions dealing arms for the Ottoman Empire.

Parvis, with the help of German intelligence, sent money to Vladimir Lenin through front companies. He garnered support from Kaiser Wilhelm II to help finance the Bolshevik revolution. Ironically this set events in motion that would kill more Jews than the Nazis did. Of course, he didn’t really care. He died in 1924.