What Socialism Really Means

The ultimate goal of socialism (and communism) is to get people to do as much as possible for as little as possible. This is accomplished through a false morality “give what you can and take what you need.” Sounds good on paper.

The truth is if our country, or our world, became socialist the same people ruling it now will rule it then. They won’t make Greta Thornburgh the president. They will still run rampant through the environment. They will still poison your food. They will still try to limit your lifetimes to when you are productive and no longer. They will still work you as hard as they can and send your kids off to die in their scripted wars. They will strip you of any means to fight back and use you like cattle. You will “take what you need.” or what they determine you need. They will still have yachts, private jets. and luxury cars. It will just be easier.

They will teach your kids what they want them to know. Your history will be erased so that they won’t know they are getting screwed. You will get your news from one state owned newspaper, edited by the CIA.

You won’t go to church or yoga class. You won’t go to temple or the mosque. You will not study Tai Chi or read esoteric teachings. You will not use Tarot or study astrology.

When they poison your river you won’t be able to sue because the company will be owned by the government. This will also be true if you lose your job for some petty crap. You will not start a company manufacturing hemp clothing or making organic coffee. You won’t get to copyright your writings or get a patent on your invention, the state will own your mind.

You won’t get to choose not to buy a product from a company whose suppliers use child labor or are not green. Hell, you won’t even know if they are.

With Capitalism there is recourse, means to fight back built into the system. It’s not perfect but neither is our world. The idea is the government should represent the interests of the people and society in general. This is psychological and therefore manifests. When this doesn’t happen it is because people are being misled and/or are ambivalent. The answer to this is education and removing those from office who seek to sabotage our way of life.

With Socialism the entire economy is handed to the politicians, blending their interests. There is no recourse because two entities, large corporations and politicians, have become one. This is psychological and therefore manifests. We criticize politicians who bow to corporate greed and interest. With Socialism we declare they should become one and the same.

Socialism means one party rule. It is like Monarchism in that, if all the politicians (or Monarch) are wise and good, and have the best interests of the society at heart, things will work out just find.

Realism and history show that politicians (and Monarchs) are often not wise or good, and have self interest as their guiding hand. Therefore, a structure that shares power, is freely influenced by it’s citizens and has the built in speed bump of Bureaucracy is the most safe and effective way to govern.

Many of the problems with our nation today are being introduced artificially to create frustration. The problem isn’t the system; it is those who lead the ignorant and the greedy to alter and weaken it. Even abandoning the philosophical tenet that greed is not good for one that preaches self interest above all. The result is a system that is not performing and changing with time as it was designed to do. This manufactured frustration is then blamed on the system itself. This is being done in the hopes of creating a violent over reaction that will give those saboteurs a chance to grab power.

They will sabotage our economic security. They will not help with environmental problems. They will promote violence and crime. They will propagate wars and disease. They want you to hate yourselves and your country. On earth as it is in heaven. They want you to destroy your society and hand it over to them.