Surfing Theory

Throughout history, the Elite have held a grip on political, religious and economic power. This has been accomplished by ensuring their societies and societies of the future will be organized in the manner of a hierarchy. These hierarchies are prearranged for ease of infiltration. Hierarchic arrangements are ordered by gender, race, religion and income. They permeate our nations and the minds of the people who inhabit them.

At the top of these societies are institutions designed to ease access of the Elite and allow them to quickly rise to positions of authority. The institution members being unaware and certain of it’s leaders being devotees, help the Controllers to guide the Elite to positions of authority.

We are all familiar with the struggle the Greek democracy of Athens faced and lost against the powers of Spartan (known for the abuse of boys) tyranny. In the end Greece became an empire ruled by despots. The same is true when the Roman Republic devolved into the Roman Empire. Both nations slid from democracy to tyranny.

Over time all empires encounter the same problem; people start to become aware of the Elite and their Controllers. One method to stay in charge is to “surf” into the future.

Rome’s religion of state required the worship of the emperor as the embodiment of the god Jupiter. Nero wiped out Israel and Judea by putting a likeness of his image in the temple, knowing the Jews would revolt. When they did he used it as an excuse to wipe out their nations marking the beginning of the second diaspora. He also started fires in his own city, Rome, to demonize the Christians who refused to worship him.

The Christians were persecuted ruthlessly by the Roman oligarchy for centuries. By the third century their popularity had increased to such a degree the oligarchy ceased feeding them to lions and torturing them in exhibits in the Colosseum. By the fourth century they had gained popularity and numbers to they point the ruling class was alarmed.

Rather than risk losing control, they created a grand performance. They had one of their own, General Constantine, become a Christian. They proceeded to make him the emperor and then change the religion of state to Christianity. They formed the First Council of Nicaea and set forth defining and organizing Catholic Christianity (known for the abuse of boys). Organized as a hierarchy this institution would facilitate their control over the religious aspect of Europe for centuries to come.

The Surfing Method and the Avalanche Control Method have historically been used by the Elite have to stay in control. It doesn’t matter so much what the populace believes because the elite can play the role. Once firmly in power they can alter the beliefs enough to ensure continued control for lifetimes to come. The beliefs will be altered to facilitate their rise to power in future lifetimes, their ability to murder, program those they oppress, and enable a hierarchy staffed by devotees for their protection. The transition between polytheism, monotheism and psychology have been observed. Even the maintenance of two opposing types of religions at the same time is not uncommon.