Avalanche Control Theory

Avalanche control is the act of causing an controlled avalanche before a real one occurs. In the case of discontent or revolution against the state the Elite use similar techniques to control the outcome. In this way they can maintain control and give the illusion of change to the populace while the ruling classes believe they are still in charge. They cause this avalanche by getting rid of the real critics and revolutionary thinkers and replacing them with their own operatives. Then they lead a false revolution and destroy the real revolutionaries. They then often destroy or weaken the entire society with prolonged war.

Since the enlightenment and the rediscovery of democracy the Elite have developed and advanced techniques to gain the support of the upper echelons of world politics and moved toward an effort at a one world government and supporting cult or priesthood.

The nature of the Global Government they are creating will be ruled by them, not the royalty or corporations. Of course the upper echelons of the world won’t know this. The Elite intend to model it after a Socialist dictatorship; a one party state with an oligarchy that will think themselves to be in charge. Convincing educators, royalty and the wealthy socialism is desirable has been their primary effort over the last few decades. This has resulted in it’s growing popularity on the left and to some on the extreme right.

After the American Revolution another revolution began to develop on the European Continent. The success of the American colonies and the promise of democracy encouraged a similar attempt in France. This “democratic revolution” lasted 10 years, from 1789 to 1799, and resulted in a totalitarian state controlled by the self appointed Emperor Napolean Bonaparte.

The hijacking of this revolution impressed the monarchs. They wouldn’t want a domino effect to erupt across Europe. The Napoleanic Wars then sufficed to destroy the French Army, make heroes of Mikhail Kutuzov and the Duke of Wellington, and discourage further attempts at democratic uprisings in Europe. The Elite had reinforced their place as servants of royalty.

After World War I the political upheavals in Germany gave rise to the Free Worker’s Party for Good Peace. The party, formed by Anton Drexler, was opposed to the Treaty of Versailles and the Weimar Republic. Later renamed the German Worker’s Party (the DAP) it drew enough attention the military sent Adolf Hitler, recently made an intelligence agent, to infiltrate [1] the organization and influence it’s members. After becoming the National Socialist Worker’s Party their opinion on the blame for the loss of WWI was shifted from the German Royalty to the Jews.

In Iran, when the Shah was losing his grip on society, the Elite convinced the Western Powers the Ayatollah Khomeini could become a unifying spiritual leader [2]. Brought to Iran once the revolution had started from exile in France, he did indeed unify the country. He consolidated his control by arresting and executing leaders of the liberal elements of the revolution and instituting a Theocracy.

The Avalanche Control method is the redirection and hijacking of revolutionary discontent. Coupled with the Surfing Method it allows the Elite to stay in control of society.

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