Oligarchy, Psychology and Socialism

The drive toward socialism is driven by the Controllers, embraced by the Globalist Movement, and sold to the populace.

The Controllers are fascists who want global control. To take over they desire to minimize the number of people in positions of power. This is because they can only directly control a limited number of persons. The aspects of societal rule are government, religion and the economy. Monarchies are easier for them to control than democracies. Single state religions, or the lack thereof ( ie replacement of religion by psychology) have less people in charge. Capitalist nations have more people running the economy than socialist ones.

Their goal is to sell the idea of a one world socialist government to people in positions of power. These are the people that can make that happen. This means educators, corporate leaders, government organizations and key religious figures. Once that goal is achieved, the Controllers will take over and rule the society that these suckers have created with ease.

The advent of democracy is something the Controllers have sought to destroy from it’s outset. Sabotaging the French Revolution is an example. The known history of empires of mankind date back approximately 5000 years. Democracy in Greece lasted for about 272 years ( 594BC to 322BC). The Roman Republic lasted from about 509 BC to 27 BC, about 488 years. Our democracy has lasted 244 years. That’s 1004 years. This is the amount of time democracies have existed. At no time did democracies dominate the political landscape. Today many nations calling themselves democracies are actually dictatorships in disguise.

The Roman Catholic Church was a religion run by a Pope through a strict hierarchy. Easily infiltrated and taken over by Elites guided by Controllers. King Phillip IV of France was able to appoint an Elite Pope and have the Vatican moved to Avignon. Once the Protestant Reformation took hold, many churches began to arise. Their differing philosophies and sheer number made Christianity difficult to control. Socialism allows Controllers to eliminate religion and control the beliefs of the populace with dogma filled psychology modeled after the Catholic Church.

The invention of capitalism and the rise of the middle class led to the decline of feudal oligarchies. Wealth became distributed based on merit rather than birthright. Some noble families were able to manage their money well, others did not. Education of the middle class brought societal changes to the benefit of all. There is am economic war being conducted to eliminate the middle class. Deregulation of companies has led to a growing disparity of wealth and global trade has taken manufacturing jobs to nations with lower wages. This is an intentional effort; an action to create a reaction. The desired reaction is to turn the working and lower classes against capitalism. If socialism were to be instituted in our society today, just as in fascist Europe, the people running the corporations would not change. The hoped for backlash is a revolt; one that provides the excuse to eliminate any opposition and install a dictatorship. A one party, atheist and socialist society is easily controlled by dictators.