The Mind of Nero

To understand the mind of Nero one has to learn to think like a backwards chess player playing the game against himself who doesn’t want anyone to know. Making a move and then getting up and sitting on the opposite side of the board, making a move with the other teams pieces.

To manipulate people a move is made with a prediction of their reaction in mind. For instance, putting his image in the Temple of Jerusalem was intended to cause a revolt. The revolt would allow him the excuse to move militarily into Judea and Israel without the appearance of being a tyrant. Didn’t really work out but….

The burning of Rome was attributed to Nero by most ancient historians. He was able to build his huge palace on the cleared grounds (financed by devaluing Roman currency). He blamed the Christians for the fire and commenced to making martyrs of them. He also helped those Romans affected by the fire in an effort to appear as a hero. That’s THREE birds!

Playing Chess Against Oneself

From this thinking then, to form a Socialist revolution one would want to lead a nation toward brutal capitalism. Deregulation and tax policies would serve to create a disparity in wealth and quality of life. One could also damage worker ability to retire and allow their earning power to decrease relative to inflation. Making sure the nation was constantly outspending itself would serve to eventually destroy the economy. It could also be possible to create an economic bubble that would surely collapse to cause a recession.

While all of this was happening the message to the masses would be that Socialism is the solution. In that way any potential reaction would have a predetermined direction. The longer the assault on the middle and working classes contiued the more the tension should increase. The more tension the larger the anticipated backlash. A socialist revolution of course would hand the corporations over to the government. A government with leaders creating the laissez-faire approach to capitalism and attempting to direct the backlash to it from both sides of the chess board. In other words; by influencing the government and creating and leading their own revolution against it.