Don’t Believe Everything They Think!

Back in 1968 when Phil Handled James Earl Ray to shoot Dr Martin Luther King, his 22 year old mind was dancing with visions of grandeur. He believed that he would be able to start a Race War in the US. His puppet Ray would be revered as a white hero and would lead a revolution against blacks and Jews and take over the government. It would be the same as his last life handling Hitler.

The result of the assassination was not what Phil expected. Outrage and sorrow, but no rising up of white militants. There was also no militant reaction from blacks. Phil had failed. Enamored with the stories his father had told him about African colonies he attempted to guide Ray to safety in Rwanda. He could use Ray another day.

Phil noticed while out of his body guiding Ray in Europe that people could see him. Phil hadn’t expected the level of awareness. He lied and told them he was Erwin Rommel, but he didn’t drive a tank with a generals rank, he drove a desk. He also informed the aware Euro people he was trying to get Ray to surrender. He then led Ray to do exactly that; the gig was up.

Phil later moved to the fascist bastion of the North West where another failed plot to generate a race war had been attempted. The brainwashing of Charlie Manson was affected while he was imprisoned at McNeil Island Penitentiary.

Phil, his MF and the other Controllers cooked up a story. They said their “race war” was to reduce the population, even destroy the United States, in an attempt to save the environment. They sold this bullshit as hard as they could. Gradually, over decades they have successfully gotten people to believe it. This stupid, juvenile lie, cooked up by a simpleton like Phil has turned into a “movement.”

That Phil worked for oil companies until his retirement at 65 from BP seemed to have no affect on people’s minds. Some oil leaders knew Phil was ensuring liberals would take the heat for being racist and applauded him on his cleverness. The fascist controllers were able to influence their decisions on oil prices until very recently, when they realized it was about helping Putin and not so much to affect the midterms.

Some liberals, with their gumby brains, bought into fraudulent Phil and his fascist goons story about race war for the environment lie. This is the real beautiful part. Phil and his goons, by believing their own lie, get the little brains to believe it too. Pathological liars infect less powerful minds. This technique gets certain liberals to feed into the idea. Some of them champion the Nazis race war idea and will even assist. This narrative sabotages the real environmentalists and feeds right wing alt propaganda claiming the liberals are racist. That alt propaganda comes from Phil’s camp as well.

Both the left and right aware don’t realize, they believe the lies of the fascists out of fear. That fear was instilled in them between this life and the last. They were all tortured and raped in their asses, men and women, rich and poor. No one remembers but the fear is there. You will believe them no matter how ridiculous and you will obey them. Though they are just men you will not attempt to overthrow them and you will help them get gun control for their own protection.

Since 68 attempts by the fascist controllers of Mordor to start a race war were made with the beating of Rodney King, the assassination of Nichole Brown Simpson, multiple police shootings of unarmed blacks and other events.