The Mass Unconscious Can Be Useful

Understanding the effects of the Big Brains on the Mass Unconscious can help us determine a few things. It cannot help those whose brains are mired in the pit of pettiness. Detach your mind.

There is a mental phenomena growing among the Gumby Brains called anti-Semitism. The phenomena affects the left and the right in the US. Leftist anti-Semites accuse Israel of persecuting the Palestinians and seem to have no recollection of history. Right wing anti-Semites accuse the Jews of being behind a variety of global conspiracies.

The Big Brains are creating this phenomena. There is a ripple affect that causes it to spread. The roots of anti-Semitism are laid in the subconscious between lifetimes but the impetus that causes it to grow are the Big Brains.

We can tell where fascist Big Brains are. We can observe where anti-Semitism starts in a society or the world; where it is most concentrated. Remember the Big Brains are people. They are using a lot more energy than others, which is how they are creating this affect on the Gumby Brains.

The real reason they hate the Jews is they want to destroy the Tanakh. They fabricate thoughts and beliefs to get Gumby Brains to follow suit. They did this when they created Catholicism, Islam and the Third Reich.

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