The Mass Unconscious

The mind is a terrible thing. The Collective Conscious, or as I prefer to call it; the Mass Unconscious, is affected by the darnedest things.

One of the main influences is the bigger brains. The bigger brains make the gumby brains (little brains) believe what they are believing. Confusing? Let’s try it another way. If the Big Brain believes the US is evil, most of the Little Gumby Brains will too. It stands to reason if the Big Brains want the Gumby Brains to believe something, they have to make themselves believe it first. The master of lies can believe anything he wants with his brain on demand.

Another influence of brains is the psychic shit show. The incidences of rape against males and females in the US has been going up since 2014 with a huge jump (18%) in 2018. Many of those committing the offenses probably aren’t even aware of The Show. It’s a case of Monkey See Monkey Do.

Hey, it’ll be a great excuse to make stricter laws and hire more cops.

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