How Abraham Rolls

The big souls running around raping people have houses, cars and jobs. Well, most of them have jobs. Some are retired, some were born filthy rich. Born that way or not they are all rich and they are all white. That is guaranteed by the ones who know how to put souls were they want them to be born, not just geographically, but in their next mom.

Some of the jobs they have had might surprise you. Of the ones we’ve figured out there are police men, a few Catholic priests, a Mennonite preacher, an oil company worker and some who have infiltrated to the top of cults. There are military officers, politicians and government workers. There are a few FBI agents. They’ve all know each other for many lifetimes.

Let’s repeat the first line of this post. The big souls running around raping people have houses, cars and jobs. No one used to believe that Catholic Priests molested kids because they were beyond reproach. The same is the case here.

Another important thing to remember about the psychic rape shit show is, the perpetrators have surrounded the town but are from other places. They’ve all done this before. Their genius political boss is actually repeating his life patterns – none of them are enlightened. They’ve just gotten themselves into repeat modes that keeps them on top. Modes that include rape, murder and torture of innocent women, children and men.

The guys they keep attacking and calling Phil are not Phil. The real Phil is one of their bosses, psychic politician. He’s the one that dreams up their big plans. They want everyone to think they have it handled and everything is ok now. Probably preparation for their next terrorist attack.

One of the big plans was the Beating of Rodney King. Abraham (Phil) the genius believed he could start a race war and had enough influence with masons, politicians and military officers that he could get them to declare martial law and commence a holocaust.

Didn’t say he’s smart. That’s what he honestly believed – so did his rapist buddies because he didn’t do it alone.

One of them “handled” King and got him to run from the cops. One of them “guided” the officers who did the beating and the guy with the video camera to the scene. They got riots in LA and Atlanta but that’s it.

The main reason they didn’t get more riots? The warning had gone out on the other side from Oregon where Phil had tried to make the whole race war idea seem like it was his son’s. The warning was repeated from Ruby Ridge Idaho, Waco TX, Santa Fe NM and other places. When the beating happened all the aware out there had been warned of it a week before. The politician, mason and generals who were aware also were forewarned.

Phil, from his then home in Mordor, got very angry (he does that a lot) and plotted his revenge. He used some of his FBI agents to go to Ruby Ridge. He got the ATF to go to Waco TX.

One of two things happened. 1) One of his handler buddies was able to get an ATF agent to miss fire his weapon, hitting another ATF agent. 2)The ATF agent who fired the first shot was one of them. Either way it kicked off a big firefight that ended up with the FBI taking over. The same FBI agents who went to Ruby Ridge went to Waco.

The agents were former special forces members who had been stationed at Fort Lewis WA. They gassed the place from their APC, one of them got out and ran to the roof with a Molotov cocktail after the first hole was punched. That was to sell the suicide cult cliche. He then made it back to the APC by the time the last hole was punched. Yes, they practiced it.

The problem was people in the Midwest got angry. There were people sabotaging trains and blowing stuff up. Not all of this made the news. If a terrorist act can be explained away it is. Acts like this can be used as a rallying cry for insurrectionists to gain membership and snowball. Phil (calling himself Rommel) was in trouble with the establishment psychics.

Their answer was an “in your face” statement. They handled Timothy McVeigh to build a bomb in a truck and park it next to the Oklahoma City Federal Building. He got help from Terry Nichols and another man who locals claim was a former Iraqi Republican Guardsman who fought for Saddam Hussein in the Iran – Iraq war.

The truck bomb by itself would not have caused the damage to the building achieved. Nearby University seismographs reported two shock waves, seconds apart. First responders claimed there were un-exploded munitions inside the building. Who had access to the building to plant such devices – the same FBI agents from above.

Immediately Phil’s propaganda machine went to work. Yes, the same guys behind the thing in the first place. They attempted to blame Jews, Masons and an undefined government conspiracy. They hoped to take over any momentum and create their own take over of the government. That’s how Phil rolls.


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