The Big S@#$ Show

The big shit show is difficult to understand for those of us observing while awake and in our bodies. That’s because it isn’t really intended for us. It’s intended for those out of their bodies, living or not.

That is why climbing all over people so they appear to be someone else, calling someone Phil who isn’t and other bold face lies are so common. They rape, torture, intimidate and scare people. They pretend to be other people and commit atrocities. They fill peoples heads with illusions and their own thoughts with the intention of making observers believe they are seeing the dreams and hearing the thoughts of others. They speak and yell into other people’s energy to make people believe the targets are actually speaking. They make it seem as if people are arguing who aren’t. They always want the final word.

Why? Because the out of body, living or not, will remember their last impression. The guys doing this are not from the currently targeted town.

It’s the exact same thing you would have observed if you were sitting on a hill near Auschwitz, or Gibeah. The souls were conditioned to believe their savior was Fromm. That’s why he wants another holocaust.