Socialist Threat of the Future

The Controllers have put a lot of effort into turning our country into a socialist dictatorship. We’ve been under assault by their deep state politicians, military leaders and law enforcement infiltrators. They have been bombarding the world with manufactured diseases and attacking our economy with manipulations and wars. They have created terrorist events and repeatedly created domestic strife using race, religion and political polarization.

They have also planned for the future. A future when they plan to reincarnate in different countries and reattempt to take over the world, with World War III. To this end they have worked to weaken our nation by conning us into sending our manufacturing overseas and concurrently helping the nations they plan to take over into more powerful opponents. In the next big war they hope the US will not have the manufacturing power or the economy to defeat them.

Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin know who Karl Marx is even if people here think he is Erwin Rommel.

President Biden’s Infrastructure and Jobs Act attempts to turn the tide on the trend. It’s not a wonder it’s facing opposition from Moscow Mitch McConnel and Joe Manchin.