Extry Extry, Read All About It

The feudal forces of Fromm the deceiver are hard at work “saving face.” Fromm and his fascists have been possessing allies of the real Judas Priest and making them rape each other. This is reminiscent of the Jews while Moses was on the mount. Fromm and his Egyptian buddies have been doing this for a while. It’s what they did while they were replacing Yaweh that helped Moses with one of their own and giving him the 9 commandments from the Book of the Dead.

The great kangaroo court in the sky set up by Fromm and the Frauds from Mordor is designed to make the fascist sorcerers look like they aren’t the guys behind the Socialist assault on the US. It’s also to make it seem the good people of New Mexico are guilty. Another pathetic self serving shit show by the failed director Jean Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai.