Lies, and the Father of It

Everyone knows of the giant calling himself Rommel (who he wasn’t) claiming a race war should be started to save the environment. The truth is more simple

Phil and his cohorts wanted to start a race war back in 1968, he was 22 years old. Their first attempt was the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King and the creation of the Manson Family.

Phil was out of his body Handling James Earl Ray with some help. He thought the Ray would be the big hero of the white people and he, Phil, would be the one controlling him. His distorted view of society is a reflection of his mindset. He was questioned about who he was and why he was guiding the assassin. He didn’t expect this because he was out of body, not many should have been able to see him. Claiming to be Erwin Rommel was to cover his ass and pass the buck. He was had been Friedrich Fromm and he knew it.

Since he and his buddy have handled Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah Khomeini, George Jr, Putin and Trump to name a few.

As with any group of tyrants, he and his buddies have stuck to this false narrative ever since. It’s ridiculous, juvenile actually. The weird thing is there are people who actually believe this crap. They even threw in the “it’s to save our environment” bit to make themselves seem to be good guys. This has since made them heroes of the polluters. Phil worked for an oil company until he retired. Gullible leftists joined ranks and helped build the perception the left was out to start a race war. The alt right is constantly calling the left the racist party.

Fromm and the other “gods” are simply people. They are extremely racist and misogynistic. What they do is brainwash the dead. It is done between lifetimes to create conformity and so the new generations will worship them. The fear installed in people’s subconscious makes them too afraid not to believe their lies. People don’t realize they are doing it.

It’s why people believe Fromm’s ridiculous line of crap. The right wingers that believe the leftists are racist, the leftists who think a race war is a good idea and the oil execs who think Fromm is a brilliant trickster are all brainwashed. This happened to them before they were born. Fromm is a liar. The separate narratives people created on their own, that’s why they seem tailor made. A little encouragement of others like Fromm who were assigned role plays to represent other sub groups of our culture. All those people went through the concentration camp between lifetimes. All of them got it up the ass.

It is easier to deceive a group of people if they think you belong to their group.

The truth is more sinister. We have watched them use their puppet master skills to control people on the other side. They stare at the show controlling people in the show. The dead observing are being brainwashed. The actors pretending to be other people are affecting people’s perceptions of those people. They gang up on a few people who oppose their fascism, like thugs. People are afraid, not realizing they are just dirty old rich white guys.

Their race war is intended to create more dead people to brainwash. Most other things they have been doing are with the same purpose. It’s how they played god throughout European history. They made sure they reincarnated as royalty, killed off the aware to stay more powerful and created a zombie army of peasants. They infiltrate institutions they set up to be easily infiltrated during past lifetimes. They lost out to democracy in WWII. It should not come as a surprise they want a race war, socialism and gun control.