What Happened to Dr Martin Luther King

The man arrested for killing Dr Martin Luther King was James Earl Ray. He drove a white Ford mustang to leave Memphis after the shooting. A different white Ford mustang refused to pull over for police and led them on a wild goose chase. Ray escaped in a different direction. He attempted to make it to Africa (Rwanda) where he believed he would be a celebrity.

He was unable to get to Africa, returning to London for some reason where he was arrested. He plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. While incarcerated he was visited by King’s family. They forgave him, got to know him and later stated they didn’t believe Ray killed Dr King. They believed it was a government conspiracy.

Now it’s time for the 4d commentary.

Two handlers were at work; controlling Ray and the driver of the other mustang. The second driver had absolutely no idea why he was running from the cops. These are the same two guys (handlers) who controlled the DC Snipers from Washington State (Djin in Bellingham).

The handlers consider themselves to be white supremacist heroes. The one Handling Ray was 22 at the time. He didn’t expect his giant out of body self to be be seen. Upon realizing some could see him, he claimed to be Erwin Rommel. He was lying; he did not drive a tank with a general’s rank (Case Study 26).

Ray was visited in prison by King’s family. A spirit of the Lord overcame them and softened their hearts toward him. The spirit believed into their heads that Ray didn’t do it – and the family bought it. It’s the same way shamans in South Africa are made to believe sex with a virgin will cure aids. Don’t believe everything they think.

The “spirits” are (generally) wealthy men. They are white Handlers out of body, who hate black people. The purpose of getting them to believe Ray was innocent was to protect the fake Rommel.

They lay the blame on the government because these guys want to take over the US at some point. Getting people to believe “the government” is evil (along with Jews and Masons) is planting the seeds for the future revolution they hope to create. What kind of revolution doesn’t matter to them – it just needs to gain popular support. It could be socialist, religious, racist or whatever. They don’t care because they intend to be the ones running the show when the dust clears. That is all that really matters because they will do as they please after.

In the meantime, Charlie Manson had been recently programmed while incarcerated at the McNeil Island Federal Prison in Washington State. The programming was done by another Handler through Manson’s dreams and possibly other means. This handler was a student of psychology.

The purpose of the murder of Dr King and the creation of the Manson Family was to create a race war. Why? The Handlers claim it was for depopulation and the environment. This puts the blame on liberals. Really it’s because they are racist as hell. They feel it is easier for them to control white people, because they themselves are white. Ray was probably intended to be the “leader” (figurehead) to lead their race war.

Here is James Earl Ray (check related links below).

Karl Harrer
James Earl Ray

On the left is the death chart of Karl Harrer founder of the DAP or Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German Worker’s Party. This organization would later morph into the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei better known as the NAZI party. Hitler was sent by German Military intelligence to infiltrate the party and ended up transforming it from a semi secret society into a populist movement. Harrer left the organization as he was opposed to this transformation. Harrer was a right wing political author and white supremacist. Hitler honored him with the title Reichs Chancellor.

On the right is the birth chart of James Earl Ray. Ray was deeply interested in the election campaign of George Wallace and his segregationist stance. He was also interested in emigrating to Rhodesia to live in an apartheid like society. Ray is best known for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

There are many conspiracy theories involving the FBI, Military Intelligence, the Memphis PD and others. One theory is about a 2nd white Ford Mustang (like the one driven by Ray) being parked on the same block as the hotel where Ray had checked in. Later a car chase (pursuit of a white Mustang) ensued that lured the police north, while Ray drove south out of town. Officials deny the chase ever took place, effectively whitewashing this theory.

Ray went to Canada, London, Portugal and back to London. He was attempting to go to Rwanda were he thought he would be welcome as a hero. Or rather where his guide (pretending to be someone he wasn’t) thought he would. He was arrested there two months after the assassination. He plead guilty and avoided the death penalty. Three days after his conviction he recanted his confession.

James Earl Ray was probably not brainwashed but guided by a handler. The handlers were still in their 20’s, honing their skills.

One thing we can say for sure, it’s difficult to start a race war when a influential black man is stumping for peace. See Case Study 10.

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