What’s Going On?

The whole world has watched a giant calling himself Rommel run around being a tyrant. He was first identified at the assassination of Martin Luther King. He freaked people out in the Middle East and in Central America. He was overseeing the beating of Rodney King and the Siege at Waco. His guys were present in Mogadishu and 9/11. He was one of those guiding the DC Beltway Shooters. The deal is, he wasn’t Rommel; he was Friedrich Fromm. Identity theft is his MO and he has plenty of help. He has deceived the entire world and is still at it.

To look at history and understand they repeat their past performances is enlightenment. It also helps explain why the Marxists giants want to replace religion with psychology. They want to rid the world of the historical record chronicled by the Prophets. The giants have repeatedly rewritten those accounts until they appear exactly opposite of the truth. This is apparent through observation.

We can also figure out why they promote anti-Semitism. They attempt to blame their actions on Masonic and Jewish “plots.” They don’t want continued excavations in Israel. The library in Baghdad was ransacked. This isn’t because they are searching for records of aliens, it’s because they want to bury their story.

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